If you've ever seen Bambi, it should be no surprise to you that most animals are born during the spring. Horses are no exception. In fact, it is extremely rare for horses to give birth during other times of the year. If you've ever wondered why, then you're in the right place. Here is why most horses give birth during the spring - and why some don't.
1. Warm Weather
If horses gave birth in winter or summer, it would be either too hot or cold for a newborn foal to survive in the wild. Over the years, horses have adapted so that they breed and give birth in the spring, when there is an ideal temperature for foals to grow up.

2. Most Fertile
Mares are pregnant for around eleven months, and most horses are bred during the spring when they are most fertile. (You might have noticed mares getting "moody" during this time, since it's mating season.) Technically, a horse can be bred at any time and have a foal a month earlier the next year, but it's easiest to breed horses in the spring because that's when the natural cycle begins.

3. Most Grass
To feed a growing baby, a mare needs lots of food! Horses are usually born in spring because grass is actually most plentiful during March, April, and May (not during the summer!). A mare needs that lush grass to produce enough milk to feed her foal.

Racehorse owners sometimes trick mares into thinking it's spring by turning on lights during the winter months. Horses think that spring is coming when they see it getting brighter, and their bodies start producing more hormones. For these reasons, racehorse owners can breed horses much earlier than most other owners so that the foals are born earlier and have a longer time to grow up before they start racing.

As you can see, nature intended for horses to be born when there is an ideal temperature and environment for horses. Horses were designed specifically to help their young survive, just like most other animals.

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