The last thing you want to be doing at a show is grooming your horse when you should be riding. Read up on TE's top tips and cool cheats to get ready in half the time with all the look!

The tips are grouped by color, so the tools you will use are different depending on your horse. Palominos, pintos, and gray horses are considered "light", while bays, chestnuts, and blacks are "dark".
Light-colored Horses

If you’re in a hurry, washing a horse is not the best for getting him clean. If you rub him really hard with body brush, you’ll start to see him whitening. If the stain is still there, shave the hair off.

If your horse’s tail is dirty and gray, fill a bucket with water and horse shampoo and stick the tail in it. You’ll have to hold the bucket up and scrub the tail around in it.

If you have a grass or stable stain on your horse that you can’t get rid of, spot wash it! Get a cloth or sponge and soak it in cold water, then dab and rub the stain IN ONE DIRECTION. Using hot water will help the stain sink in, so use cold.

If it’s too late to spot wash, and you need to get a grass stain off of your horse, rubbing over it with white chalk almost always works! Remember to clean the chalk off after the show.
Dark-colored Horses

Dark horses get dusty really easily. If your horse turns into a dust bunny, grab a bucket of water, a body brush, (soft brush) and a plastic or rubber curry comb, and get ready to brush! First dip the curry comb in the water, and then draw the body brush through it. Now rub your horse over with the damp brush. Re-dip your curry comb and body brush when they get dry.

Polish dark-colored horses with shiny coat or Pepi spray! Squirt some on a stable cloth and then wipe your horse over with it. If you don’t have any shine spray, just running your horse’s coat over with a stable cloth always works too, but the shine doesn’t last as long or look as good.

Before the show, if you have time to give your horse a bath, use special horse color enhancing shampoos in your horse’s coat to keep his color looking bright and enhanced.

Make sure to wash dark-horse’s manes really good before the show. If they are dusty, the dust will get all over your horse’s coat, and it will stand out!

All Horses

If you aren’t the best at braiding, practice a lot before the shows on many different horses and ponies.

Shiny hooves are a must-have for shows! Use hoof polish the day of the show to get extra-special looking hooves. Use the hoof polish all the way around the hoof, and apply it like nail polish. Don’t polish the hooves too often though, it’s not good for your horse. If you don't have any hoof polish, use Pepi spray.

It’s not good to have a tangled mane on a show day, especially if you’re going to put it in braids! Use detangling conditioner in your horse’s hair. If it’s the spray kind, you can just spray it on a mane and start combing through. If it’s the liquid kind, you can wash your horse’s mane and tail and add it in to the water.

If your horse has a big, thick mane that poofs out everywhere, you need to pull it. Mane pulling is hard, and some horses don’t like it. If your horse is one of them, using a special mane comb that trims and pulls the mane without the pain is a good option.

Cool quartermarks look awesome on your horse’s quarters. You can buy grooming stencils to make the job easier. You can also get that great quartermark look by clipping your horse and leaving an extra patch of hair unclipped. Don’t clip your horse just for the show. 
Some Products to Help You

Fake tails are good when your horse has a chewed tail or if his tail is cut really short. Some fake tails come in a variety of colors.

Shine up your tack with tack polish and a little water. Don’t drench your tack though, it’s not good for the leather.

You can buy already-made packages for horse shows that include everything you need. This might be something you want to buy if you aren’t familiar with the horse stores in the area and don’t know where to find some products.

Special braid bands are sold that can help you braid your horse’s hair. Make sure you buy a color that won’t stand out in your horse’s mane and tail!

Try bringing baby wipes so your horse’s muzzle and eyes look nice and clean before a show. Some horses get teary eyes or runny noses, so these are useful to have.


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