It doesn't matter if you're 6 or 16 - Halloween is still a crazy, amazing holiday. For one, it is a holiday for no reason whatsoever. You can argue that it derives from some long ago Celtic festival, but compared to Thanksgiving, it's pointless. And I love that. Second, it's fun. Whether you're dressing yourself up or just handing out candy, you get to observe costumes that range from over-the-top to old-school-ghost to clearly-from-Target. And number three: candy. No explanation needed.

It's always been a tradition for children to dress up for Halloween, and more recently adults and dogs have gotten into the trend too. Dog costumes are even sold now at more than just pet stores - I've seen Dachshund hot-dog suits and Pit Bull jail jumpers hanging on the racks next to princesses and werewolves. I guess that's a thing now.

Which brings me to my point - what about dressing up your horse? I've yet to see someone walking their horse down neighborhood streets, right up to the doorbell to yell, "Trick Or Treat!". The only plausible reason I can think of for dressing your horse up is if you have a costume contest or Halloween parade. Yet, my Facebook is flooded with images of people dressed as pixies riding their horse who is fashioned to look like a flower, and I wonder if this has gone too far. Sure, if you have a reason to dress up, go ahead. Then again, who needs a reason to make their horse look like a flower? Fun is fun. 

So this month's question is right in time for this holiday. Is is cool or not to dress up your horse for Halloween? This is what you guys said.


"I love horse costumes! It's so cute when you see a horse being something it isn't. I don't care if some people think it's weird - I support Horse Halloween!"
"At my barn, Halloween is huge. We all make tiny horse treats and hang buckets on the horse's stall doors, then walk around dropping treats in the buckets. Afterwards, we dress up the horses and make them do 'tricks' for the treats. Why would anyone dislike that?"
"Dressing up your horse with your friends at the barn might be silly, but it's fun and really brings the horses into a holiday that they would otherwise never know about."


"I almost would consider dressing up a horse as a type of animal cruelty. My horse shakes his head when I put the bridle on - I can't even begin to think what he would do with a fake unicorn horn or mask! I personally think it is cruel to include horses in a holiday they don't understand and probably hate."
"I can stand it when people dress up a dog or cat for Halloween, but doing it on a horse is taking it way too far!"
"I can dress up for Halloween, but I'm not going to make my horse a costume. There's no reason, really, except to take a picture of it. Maybe I'd consider if we had some kind of party at the barn, but for now, I think this is a neigh."
The final conclusion was that 68% of readers though dressing up horses was a bad idea. It was a close vote, though, so 32% of people believe that Horse Halloween is a yay. I personally think that what you do with your horse is up to you. If he doesn't mind getting dolled up, then what the hay? Dress him up to your heart's content! Don't forget to email TE a pic just so we can see!
                                                                                                                           - Emma

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