Make a splash this spring and summer by getting the best out of wet weather riding! It doesn't need to be bright and sunny to hit the trails. Read our top five tips and never again worry about trail riding through rivers, rain, or puddles!
Getting Caught In a Storm
You can go riding when it's drizzling outside, but remember never to leave if you see thunder or lightning. Check the weather forecast before you leave to make sure there isn't heavy storms on the way. If you do end up getting caught in a downpour, however, be sure to turn around and head back to the barn quickly. It's dangerous for both horses and humans to be in stormy weather. If you have your phone on you, call someone to tell them you're safe and on your way back.
On The Trail
It's important to make sure that you and your horse are both comfortable and warm when you set off. You should wear a waterproof jacket (if it's too hot, at least bring one along or tie it around your waist in case the temperature drops) and a helmet with a bill to keep the rain out of your eyes. Most horses don't mind getting wet, but if your horse is sensitive, put a rain-repellent sheet across his hindquarters. That will keep him dry!

Puddle Play
It's okay to take your horse through puddles on your ride! Most horses will be hesitant of walking through at first, so asking your horse to walk through develops trust between a horse and rider. Of course, make sure you can see the bottom of the puddle before you charge through. If you have no idea how deep the puddle is, don't ask your horse to walk into it. There could be anything lying at the bottom...
River Ride
If you go on a trail ride, walking or trotting though shallow streams is always fun! Most horses will be scared to cross the water the first time, so dismounting and leading the horse though the river is a good idea if your horse has never been in the stream before. After that, you can have loads of fun! Just make sure that your instructor allows you to go into the stream and that you don't ever cross it alone. Take a friend!

Wet Weather Tack Care
Because tack can get too dry or cracked when it gets soaking wet, use a waterproof saddle cover to protect the leather while you ride. If you don’t have one, dry off your saddle and bridle as soon as your return from your ride. Then, set the tack out to dry.

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