It's obvious that horses don't see the same way that humans do. Most people think that horses are colorblind like many other animals, but this isn't true. Read on to learn the truth!
Can Horses See In Color?

Horses can, in fact, see color. A better question is: can they see the differences between colors? Most horses can see red and blue against any color background, but yellow and green can be detected only in front of a background that is lighter than the color. This was discovered by a horse color test where a horse is asked to touch a colored ring with their muzzle. (See image to the side.) The rest results revealed that horses can see every color that humans can, but with some difficulties.
Can Horses See In the Dark?

A human’s eyes instantly adjust to different shades of light when they move from a dark room into a light one, but horses aren’t so lucky. Their eyesight adjusts slowly, so it takes a while for them to get used to an extreme change in light. Ever notice a horse halt right before he enters a dark barn? This is why. As for seeing in the dark… horses aren't not nocturnal. They have excellent night vision, but it isn’t as good as their day vision.

Can You See In Color?
Horses were asked to identify different colors the same way humans were. Can you read the numbers in each of these circles?


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    Ever wondered whether or not horses could see in color? What about seeing in the dark? Read this and you'll learn the truth!