Currently, I don't have a boyfriend, but the rest of the world isn't like me. When I talk with my friends from the barn, I'm always surprised when they make an off-hand reference about their guy, such as: "So when I was with my boyfriend yesterday..." And I'm like: "You have a boyfriend?!"

The reason these things catch me off-guard is probably because us horse people live a double life. We're like spies. We have two identities - our barn personality and our school one. In each one, we have different friends, and sometimes, if you're lucky, you'll find someone juggling a boyfriend alongside. At the barn, we don't talk about our other friends (or at least, we don't at my barn). Boyfriends are foreign territory. The only boy I spend my time with is Calvin. We go out two or three times a week (to the arena). I'd say things are getting pretty serious.

So anyway, when one of my friends decided to bring her bf to the stable and introduce him to everyone, I was not so sure how much I liked it. I kind of felt like he didn't belong with us horse girls and our horses. Am I being exclusive? I decided to ask our readers. This is what you guys said:


"If you know a guy well enough I think you can take him. If horseback riding is a big part of you, you should want to show him."
"If you can go to your bf's basketball practices, he should be able to go to the barn. Why is this a problem? It's not like he's going to start riding."
"I don't see a problem with bringing your boyfriend to the barn. Maybe not every day, but at least a couple times so that you can show him around."


"I don't even bring my friends to the barn. Our instructor allows people to come and watch our lessons, but taking someone through the barn and introducing them to horses is kind of obnoxious."
"I take my boyfriend to watch me compete in horse shows, but to be honest, I'd never take him to the barn. He probably wouldn't like it unless I let him get on my horse, which would be wrong since he's never ridden. He's not going to ride unless he pays for a lesson like the rest of us!"
"Don't get me wrong - I love boys, but sometimes you just need an escape. The stable is my place to hang out with my friends and my horse, not other people's boyfriends!"
The outcome? According to readers, if you know a guy well enough, you can take him pretty much anywhere (except maybe Victoria's Secret) but most teens think that a girl should wait before they bring their guy with them to the barn. For now, most readers and I think the barn is a place just for horses - and us.
                                                                                                                      - Emma

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